hackle1 [hak′əl]
[ME hechele (akin to Ger hechel) < OE * hæcel < IE base * keg-, a peg, hook > HACK1, HOOK: senses 2, 3, & 4, prob. infl. by dial. hackle, bird's plumage, animal's skin < OE hacele]
1. a comblike instrument for separating the fibers of flax, hemp, etc.
a) any of the long, slender feathers at the neck of a rooster, peacock, pigeon, etc.
b) such feathers, collectively
3. Fishing
a) a tuft of feathers from a rooster's neck, used in making artificial flies
b) a fly made with a hackle
4. [pl.] the hairs on a dog's neck and back that bristle, as when the dog is ready to fight
hackled, hackling
1. to separate the fibers of (flax, hemp, etc.) with a hackle
2. Rare to supply (a fishing fly) with a hackle
get one's hackles up
to become tense with anger; bristle
hackle2 [hak′əl]
vt., vi.
hackled, hackling [freq. of HACK1]
to cut roughly; hack; mangle

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